Monday, October 14, 2013

Why I've Been MIA...

::Crawling out of the black hole I've been hiding in for a week... Rubbing my eyes::

It's good to be back ya'll. 

I spent this entire week MIA from my blog and I swear I felt like a little piece of me was missing. Every thought that crossed my mind and every meal I planned came to mind in the form of a post or a Pinable moment. At least once a day I'd check in to my twitter and Facebook accounts as to remind myself that I am not completely disconnected from the world. 

So to fill you in... we sweated it out last weekend with apple picking. It was a first for all of us. Had I taken a moment to look at the forecast I would've chosen my outfit a little more wisely. The combination of a big girl in boots, jeans, quarter length sleeves and a scarf in over 80 degree weather lead up to a couple creative ways of wearing a scarf and some unexpected calorie burning. We did get some cute pics along the way along with some of the yummiest, juiciest apples I've ever sunk my teeth into. Here are some of favorite shots...

I've also been babysitting this past week. Just one precious little 2 year old boy. And while thousands of my momma bloggers manage to get their blogging done with 2+ children in their presence... it's different when it's someone else's little one. While I can trust that my own little one will dive off the arm of the couch into the cushioned sofa and not into our wood floors while I'm deeply focused on my blogging... I can't take the chance with someone else's kid. I also needed to stay on high alert for any sign of aggravation or frustration coming from either toddler. Rabid pit bulls have nothing on a cranky tot so to avoid dealing with the blood bath... I spent my energy keeping them happy and busy. 

This past weekend was a big huge blurr. Groceries, children, cleaning, children, cooking, children and more children. Saturday while I spent a few hours chasing my poodle around with scented puppy spray and a pair of clippers... Dad enjoyed a day at the the park with the tribe. Sunday I ran away for a couple hours of shopping before we packed up the crew for dinner at a friends house. Which as we unloaded our van full of children, some neighborhood kids declared, "Look! They're having a party!"

So... that's what I've been doing folks. Enjoying some family time, locked away with toddlers and missing talking to ya'll!

I would love to say that I got a whole lot of crafting done for the little one's birthday a few weeks from now, but that shit hasn't happened either. If anything my mind is more geared towards my sister visiting with my two nephews for a weekend at the end of the month. As the time draws nearer, it's looking more and more like a few balloons and take out for Mayah's 2nd birthday. 


  1. It never ceases to fail, on that one weekend of apple picking you over dress...looks like fun, haven't been in a few years as my sons are over the fun of it...

    1. Aww. My older ones will be reaching that stage soon so we're trying to make the memories now. And it's good to know I'm not the only one who makes the mistake of overdressing lol... Knowing me I'll make the same mistake next year. To make matters worse we were the only one's lugging a huge purse (baby bag) and a stroller thru the orchard!