Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Still Alive & Well Ya'll!

So as I was reciting the alphabet with the little one this morning, I had a bit of a brain fart and stumbled across this little moment here...

And this is when I realized, I should probably get out more. Or better yet... I should probably BLOG more. Why? Because blogging kept my wheels turning. And while the pressure to come up with material is a little daunting when the memory of having brushed your teeth in the morning (or not) is a little foggy... that can be a good thing. Blogging is to my brain what weight lifting is to muscle. If you don't use it, you lose it... right? Googling the alphabet to double check my work cause I can't recall whether or not "Ss" has always been THIS far at the end of the alphabet is where I draw the line. 

But first let me explain... See, what had happened was... The little one was singing "X" while I was singing "S" but because I was so focused on correcting her "X" to "S" I ended up writing "Xx" instead of "Ss". That and I hadn't taken but a few sips of coffee so really... this could have happened to anyone. 

So, to fill ya'll in on what's been going on in the last errr... month & a half or so...

I write my best at night. Late at night. I was working out in the morning. I say was because it's been a few weeks since I've been to the gym (not proud of this ya'll), but it has. While doing this, once I got home, I was pumped and energetic and because that hardly EVER happens to me, the last thing on my mind was sitting down. And since I spent a lot of my day not sitting down as much... I slept at night again. For the first time in FOREVER. And I still do. And it's wonderful. 

I FINALLY read a book all the way through which is a HUGE deal since it's been a few years that my attention span has allowed me to do so. Nevermind that it's a short book and that the entire 209 pages are packed with pure, thought-provoking, inspiration. You'll find quotes such as:
"A pure heart is the end of all religion and the beginning of divinity."
"Cease your complaining and fretting; none of these things that you blame are the cause of your poverty; the cause is within yourself , and where the cause is, there is the remedy."

Reading this book lead me deeper into my inner search for peace, love, happiness and focusing on accepting my current circumstances as just THAT... current. Meaning, they will change along with my thoughts. I highly recommend this book to all my fellow soul searchers and seekers of happiness. It's called 'As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. (*ehem* as shown... just above.)

My days have also been filled with such time consuming things as:
Potty training. (Or lack there-of.) I've done this twice before so you would think I'd have this whole potty training thing down-packed. I don't. And neither does she... yet. 

Cupcake baking, fondant making, picture taking & business planning. Some of these recipes I've GOT to share!

Performing a search for the perfect DIY balayage/ombre hair color & dyeing method and did it without losing all of my hair like I always feared would happen if I bleached my hair... (Semi-tutorial coming soon.)

Kept up with some of my fellow mommy bloggers and some serious baby momma drama... 

Waiting for and soaking in as much SPRING and daylight as I can get after the LONGEST winter EVER...



Body accepting.

Kids. Lot's of em.

But mostly cupcakes... Lots and lots of cupcakes... and the occasional cookie. 

And soon some more gym time.