Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weedwhackers: Be Afraid. Be VERY Afraid...

It's funny how one minute you find yourself consumed with stress over the littlest things- and the next you're hit with something that could've REALLY been worth stressing over.

We need that from time to time.

This morning as I was driving the kids to school, I drove past a city worker trimming some edges with his weed whacker. I heard a pebble slam into my car super hard. Before I can turn to flash a nasty glare at the man for his negligence, I heard another pebble hit and the glass behind me (on my toddlers side) shatter.

Did that really just happen?! OMG Mayah...

 I froze in shock waiting to hear the blood curdling scream sure to come from the little one sitting in the car seat behind me. I was numb as I got of the van. The worker running over apologizing profusely upon realizing there was a car seat just behind the shattered window. I was bracing myself for blood. Possibly lots of it. I stood in front of where my window used to be and where my baby now sat looking back at me.

I can laugh at it now, though far from it at that moment. Cuppy still in hand and looking just a little bit confused, there she was covered in her blanket and tons of little black beads of shattered glass... and not a single scratch. Poor kid was sitting there minding her own business, happy with her sippy cup when the whole incident happened. She looked more annoyed that her breakfast was interrupted... not at all phased by the glass that just exploded inches from her face.

I lifted the blanket off my tot making sure to pour the glass away from her, shook it off and handed it the now frantic city worker. I pulled the little one out of her car seat and held her up for a quick and thorough inspection.

Nope. Nada. Thank you, God. 

As soon as the relief settled in of knowing there was no real harm done... I had to lighten the scene with a little humor. The poor city worker pacing behind me still apologizing profusely, clutching the baby blanket in both hands... I'm sooo sorry. I'm so sorry. Is she OK? That was crazy! Is she OK?

::Brushing some glass off the little ones pants:: She's ok... She's alright. Had she been hurt it would have a been a different story. You wouldn't want to stand so close in that case. 

*Nervous laugh from the weed whacking worker*

::Frowning at the thought of having to drive around with a ghetto rigged car covered in plastic bags and black duct tape:: 

'MAN! This couldn't wait until AFTER my coffee?!"

Soon as the police report was written... My shattered window and I visited the Dunkin Donuts drive thru for my coffee and the kids got dropped off at school.

After a few hours and the wave of David's magic wand... (err... debit card...) It was like nothing had ever happened. Though, I had spent a few minutes seriously pissed at the thought of having to pull over every once and a while to re-tape the big piece of plastic over the big ol' hole in my van- truth is... it's these kinds of mishaps that force me to stop and appreciate how BLESSED I am. 

All it would've taken was a tiny shard of those gazillion pieces of glass to land in my little ones eye to really make this a devastating day. Instead I have a random and somewhat funny story to tell. As much as I stress moving to a better area because of the behaviors displayed by some... the guys at the scene (whom I overheard live nearby) seemed genuinely concerned for the little one and sorry for the mistake. Living in a world where everyone is out for themselves... it was a comfort feeling that this guy didn't seem at all concerned with covering his butt over the well-being of my little one. We're probably always gonna be a little (maybe a lot) broke... but we were able to get the window fixed right away thanks to the babe. He took care of it all.  I'm not driving around a BMW but my big red van is all mine with no payments. (AND it has windows... *wink, wink*) 

I've had many days that have gone to hell over little things... but today wasn't one of them. Tonight I'm going to bed worn out... with a new respect and fear of weed whackers... and grateful for the experiences that remind us of what's really important. 

And coffee... I'm also grateful for coffee.


  1. Oh my gosh- what a story! So glad to hear your little one is ok...that must have been so scary.

    1. Thanks Lori! Ugh... it was. I spent most of yesterday in a daze just thinking how it could have gone so wrong. But mostly just grateful =]

  2. It's funny you wrote this because I was thinking the same thing yesterday. I complain about my kids having colds or whatnot, and then I hear that someone's kid is really sick and how much I have to be thankful for.
    Will you be able to file a claim with the city for reimbursement for the window? It's their liability.

    1. Hey Melissa! Yes girl... it's funny how these things always seem to happen just when you think you couldn't possibly handle another thing on your plate. It's Gods way of saying... "How bout THAT!? Now do you see what I do for you!?"
      And yes we'll be filing a claim. Just waiting on the police report to be available for pick up. Had we waited on the city to fix it tho, we'd be driving around without a window for well over a month -__-