Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Not So Awesome Toddler Milestone...

"Set up a routine." They say is key to a sucessful blog. Well, I tried. I'm aiming to post on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays EXCEPT... the little one learned to climb out of her crib last week. Which means my life is like, officially overOkay, okay... I'm being a little dramatic. But you gotta understand... This was like, the ONLY moment of sanity I had left in my day. The hour or two of nap time where I could totally relax and rest knowing she's in the safe confines of her crib. But no... Not anymore.

Prior to this new 'milestone' of hers, I was able to blow dry my hair, or eat my lunch without it being snatched out of my mouth or catch up with the Kardashians, clean, fold laundry without having to refold it, mop, clean, blog, clean... now I can't do NUTTIN! The blogging I have been able to do is done from my bathroom which in this house is the 'sacred' zone. I can't sit three minutes now without worrying she climbed out and ate my ruby earrings or isn't chugging down my body spray and lotions on my dresser. Which, by the way, she's been trying to do a lot lately. I'm expecting her poop to smell like I walked into a Bath & Body Works any day now.

The only peace of mind when I'm not around to watch her every move is the baby gate. But the baby gate doesn't keep her from climbing shelves or diving off the arm of the sofa or shoving Pokemon cards into the DVD player. Sitting in the living room with her would mean a tug of war with the laptop and her coming up and coincidentally pressing the one button on the keyboard that deletes everything I've been writing for the last hour. I still can't figure out which button that is. My iPad is no longer mine either. I simply can't work under these conditions.

I've been eating my lunch hiding in the dark on the bottom bunk of my sons bed. Snacking behind doors while I watch her through the cracks trying not to breath too loud hoping she won't find me. Cause it's not enough for her to have her own lunch. Everything tastes better off my plate! Which if I think about it, she's probably doing me a favor. I've been appreciating my gym time alone a whole lot more and am cutting down a lot on my snacking since ya know... there IS no downtime. As a result I lost 2 pounds this week.

So, once again... Thank you, Mayah. Thank you very much. 

Have I mentioned this new milestone of hers is super dangerous? She seems to have this new skill perfected but with wood floors we can't take too many chances. Now for the big question... Big girl bed and pretty much kiss nap time goodbye? Or glue the legs of all her jammies together? Hmm... Decisions, decisions... 

The only way she'll nap now...


  1. Umm YEA girl! I'm currently researching my options to resolve this little matter aside from removing the bars lol

  2. Jessie i know what you mean! Your life is sooo over once they know how to get out their cot..
    ifelt that way too with my first boy..the second can wait thankfully..

    i seriously don't know how others blog 3 4days a struggling with the 2 kids and seems like things always gets in the way


  3. Ugh! I wonder the SAME thing all the time! How do these ladies get this done??? How do they manage their time? How do you concentrate?!
    I know I spend a whole lot of time "perfecting" things around the house even though I know the little one is only gonna mess it up a million times a day so... I just stopped doing that this past few days.
    I'm simply ignoring the mess for an hour or two... otherwise I'd never get around to this!
    It's great knowing I'm not the only one struggling tho lol