Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's In My Bag?: The Mommy Version

You ever wonder what's in another mommas baby bag? Come on... Don't act like you don't...

 I do.

I'm most curious about the contents of those huge, tightly packed looking, super swanky baby bags hanging off the bars of them super pricey European strollers. I imagine little containers of organic homemade sushi rolls & grapes, peeled and sliced tucked into a cool container for freshness and nestled in a convenient compartment within the bag. Whatever is in that baby bag has to be as thought out and planned as the polo shirt & matching sweater tied around the owners neck that just so happen to match the exact shade of her loafers. What do the housewives of Wisteria Lane consider so essential that they're willing to carry forty pounds over their shoulder every where they go? Would it be similar to the contents of a baby bag accidentally left behind at a train station in South Side Bronx? Or a mom from Bridgeport? (Hypothetically speaking of course.) Let's not get started on those massive hiking backpacks usually strapped to daddy's back. Not only would I love to see what's so important that it needs to stay strapped to dad at all times... But I can't help also wondering... Does he volunteer to carry that around? Was it his idea to purchase a hiking bag over a brightly colored baby bag? Oh... I think I get it now...

It was only natural [of me] to wonder... Does anybody ever wonder what's in my bag??? I mean, besides the people that pick up my bag to move it and find themselves struggling to pick it up off the floor?

What the heck do you have in there!? Your entire HOUSE!?

No, no... that's in my other bag. 

If you're a loyal reader of Us Weekly (I gotta keep up with the Kardashians ya'll), you're probably familiar with the 'What's in My Bag?' section of the magazine. Ya know... Where celebrities are asked to dump the contents of their purses and share what they're toting around in their trillion dollar hand bags? Well, I thought since I'm so interested in what my mommas are carrying in their baby bags... I'd make up my own version of 'What's In My Bag?'.  

Here's What's in My Bag: The Mom Version...

  •  iPad which has now officially become Mayah's portable entertainment center.
  •  Wallet stuffed with receipts.
  •  Diapers Huggies all the way baby!
  •  Wipies a necessity whether you have a kid or not.
  •  Barbie guitar doesn't everyone have one?
  •  Unidentified crumbs  ::wipes up some mystery crumbs with finger... *sniff, sniff*... *lick*...
  •  Graham cracker crumbs
  •  Tommee Tippee sippy cup ::tosses into kitchen sink::
  •  Boogie Wipes an absolute necessity during cold and flu season. Especially when the little wakes up from a long nap with boogies plastered across their face. These things break through cement boogers like Dawn cuts through grease! Bonus: They smell SO good!
  • EOS organic lip balm sphere the scent is addicting.
  • Saline drops I was looking for this!
  • A doll hand a Monster High doll hand to be exact.
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider cause reading is FUNdamental. (Get it? FUNdamental? He he he *snort*)
  • Limited Edition Girl Axe a gym essential. The goal is to sweat like a pig, not smell like one.
  • Receipts receipts, receipts and more receipts.
  • Empty Sprouts Organic Puree Pouch AKA life savers.
  • Dunkin Donuts napkins along with a Stop & Shop coupon book soaked in old white grape juice and an up to $20 off on your next Six Flags Great Adventure visit coupon... hair clip... teddy bear hair tie and a snow cap. ::this snow cap looks good still... oh the TEMPTATION!::
So there it is. All of my "essentials". Not including the change of clothes which soaked up the majority of the apple juice that used to be in that now empty juice box.

What's in your bag? OMG... Does anyone have a one those hiking backpacks?!


  1. I travel as light as I possibly can and if that means leaving the child at home with the stroller and baby bag...I would. But if child must absolutely come that is the only thing coming. LOL

  2. I should be my version... EDC (every day carry)

  3. LOL my bag is a mess!! No one is allowed to look! LOL

  4. LOL... so it prolly looks a little something like mine then! O_O