Friday, September 20, 2013

No More Stinky Sippy Cups!

I'm totally guilty of overspending on my toddlers sippy cups. The bigger, brighter and more space aged and oddly shaped they are, the better. Not only to I figure the pricier the cup the more "spill proof technology" there is. (Also, the rounder and sleeker they are, the more aesthetically pleasing the cuppy is and the less I'll mind seeing them on my drying rack.) >>O.C.D.<<

 The down side is that the better the "spill proof technology" is, the more complicated the little pieces parts are that keep the milk inside the cup and not on your carpet where it eventually turns into a game of "Where's the Cheese?" This is also where my germaphobia kicks in. The more complicated the pieces parts are, the more nooks and crannies there are for germs to sit and accumulate with each cup full of something I give her. These little hard to reach places are impossible to reach with bottle or nipple brushes, much less sponges or rags so I used to use Q-Tips. Yup. I legit stood at my sink for what seemed hours on end cleaning the gunk out of sippy cups with tiny wads of cotton... And even those didn't always do the trick.

In comes the OXO cleaner system. Sounds fancy huh? It really isn't. As simple and absolutely
NECESSARY as this little gadget is, I couldn't believe this is the first product I've ever seen of it's kind.

And this my friends, is it... Kinda cute, right?

3 little brushes + 3 different functions = 1 very happy hypochondriac momma.
One of the brushes is your overall scrubby brush small enough to fit all your little hard to reach crevices. That long brush is used to clean the inside of your little ones straws. It's super flexible to fit even bendy straws. Up until now I never considered buying sippy cups with straws for this very reason... 
So what happens when a cuppy full of milk rolls under the couch for a week? How do you clean THAT out of a straw?? No longer a problem.
The absolute sell for me was the pointy needle thingy. That little device is used to clean the teeny holes your little one sips through which to ME is also the ultimate breeding ground for germs and bacteria since I could NEVER get into them! >>GERMAPHOBE<<
I also love that the brushes can be snapped on and off this handy little ring. But since I have a tendency of losing everything, my brushes stay attached and conveniently hung by my kitchen sink. And since I've gotten a WHOLE lot of use of these since the little one weaned herself from the boob, this little doo-hickey here has become a MUST HAVE. 

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