Friday, August 2, 2013

Spring Theme Cupcakes

I was recently flipping through old pics when I came across my spring themed cupcakes. The feeling I got looking at them is exactly the feeling I hoped to achieve when I made them. 
So warm and fuzzy inside...
I've fallen into a funk when it comes to my cupcake decorating dream. My lack of inspiration and A.D.D. are taking a hardcore toll on my creative abilities. That... and the toddler I have staring at me and whining from the other side of the baby gate.
I can't do NUTTIN!
But looking at these cupcakes I remember the day I made them. Another day standing with my face pressed to the window waiting for the slightest sliver of sun to peek over a roof top in the never ending sea of grey winter sky. The winter blues are no joke y'all. I had just cried to my mom about how depressed I was and how tempted I was to jump out my window but it was much too cold for all that drama... ( I live on the first floor... RELAX!) She made the suggestion of cutting out bright flowers out of paper with bright green leaves and grass and sticking them to my walls to create the feeling of spring in my home. But that would suggest that I leave the house. I wasn't gonna go through the hassle of buckling the baby in after bundling her up as well as myself in 13 layers of clothes in search of construction paper.
Anywho... Beautiful, colorful, cheerful looking cupcakes were the last thing on my mind. Yet, somehow the thought of them snuck in somewhere between my mental rant on how shitty a state CT is with it's winter, high taxes and boredom.
I'm makin' me some cupcakes! Not just any cupcakes... SPRING CUPCAKES!
So I got to creating. I didn't care if the house fell apart that day. I believe the hubby came home and cooked dinner after seeing me wrapped up in my project and even the little one felt inspired to keep herself busy too. I was determined. The sight of a cupcake alone is enough to spread a smile across anyone's face. I could only imagine what a spring themed cupcake would do for my spirits. In the end what made me happiest was that I made the choice that day to use my feeling of emptiness to inspire creating something that will fill me with a little joy. (And sugar.) You know what they say about artists... they're always a little bit tortured inside. Although my happy caterpillar and adorable bumble bee would suggest otherwise!
My happy little cuddle bunny and her cupcake...


  1. She's so freakin cute! Love it! Can't believe she's that big already! And that pic of the old lady cracks me up...hahahaa

  2. LOL thanks! Yeah, I've spent as much time as I can trying to catch every moment of it... time flies! =(