Monday, August 26, 2013

On my Favorite Things: Disco Dust

This past weekend we celebrated the 14th birthday of a close family friend. I was given the honor of making her birthday cupcakes. I was asked to make something with peace signs and I decided to incorporate daisies into the mix. It was also the perfect opportunity to try out my new Disco Dust! I don't know what's more awesome... the fact that it's called "Disco Dust", or the fact that I finally get to eat the glitter that falls off my art project. (Every little girl's dream... well... mine at least.)
I learned about disco dust online last year while seeking some inspiration for Valentine cupcakes. I came across this image of the word "Love" made of fondant and coated in glitter sitting on top of four adorable cupcakes. Precious! At first I thought it was plastic. Besides, the last I heard, glitter can shred your insides so this looked a little unsafe. I'm the mother you'll find in the middle of the isle beating on my little girls clothes while I'm shopping. I'm testing that the glitter on my kids clothing won't come loose after I buy it. And then I'm the one who FREAKS OUT when the girls get glittery clothes as a gift cause God forbid some of that glitter lands in their mouth. But I never admitted it until now cause I didn't want to look crazy. *eye twitch*  But no! This was legit EDIBLE!
 Unlike pearl dust which gives a pretty, sheer sparkle and shine to your fondant and sugar paste decorations... disco dust is made of larger flecks and reflects more light for that super sparkly effect. Sorta like a disco ball, I suppose. Hence the name disco dust. (I'm just guessing.)
I dug a little deeper and found the product but didn't order it until recently. Lately with feeling uninspired to create, I figured nothing makes a project more fun then adding some SPARKLE to it!

Envisioning myself throwing a couple hands full of sparkly, magical glitter in the air as I say 'SPARKLE'...

eh-hem... moving on...

I ordered mine from in Hot Pink and Sour Apple Green. I absolutely LOVE it! It definitely took my little sugar paste letters to a whole other level CUTE!
The birthday girl loved it and so did the rest of the guests who originally thought the decorations were made of plastic.

 I took it as a compliment.



  1. Great post! I loved it!
    Perfect cupcakes! Looks delicious and they are so adorable!
    What a very lucky birthday girl...

  2. Disco dust is fun stuff when used properly--on items that will NOT be eaten, only.

    Disco dust is not edible because it's plastic craft glitter.

    To keep something edible, the glitter needs to be made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin.