Friday, August 23, 2013

Project: Girl's Room

We recently finished our first big project together as a couple. The first home project we tore down and created back up again from beginning to end together. Well, there wasn't much to tear down... the girls did that all on their own. The sounds that came out of behind that door would suggest we had a theme park in our home... I was always afraid to look. Either way, in the 2 years since I've been here, they've all grown from playing with dollhouses, Barbies and using their mattress as a make shift trampoline/fort/slide into playing with makeup and Facebook. (Supervised of course!) So when the last screw fell off their old bunk beds, we figured it was a good time for a change. My daughter would be away for the summer so we made this our project.

I used a cool "fashionista-ish" painting I found at Homegoods on clearance for $8 as the inspiration piece. Somehow this room had to reflect all three of the girls ages 12, 10 and 6 AND this painting. Considering all three girls come from different planets... it was a little challenging at first. But once I found the perfect comforter set (perfect meaning they were on SALE for $28! Cha-Ching!) it was easy peasy from there. Fun, clean, modern and vibrant was the goal. (And CHEAP.) Oh yeah... And sturdy.
The first thing we did was get rid of the bright pink walls and settled for a neutral color. We went with Behr primer and paint in Harvest Brown with an off white for the trimming. The paint was a little pricey at a little less than $40 a gallon (not including the necessary supplies) but the coverage this brand achieves is well worth it. Especially when you're painting over bubblegum pink. A LOT of bubble gum pink. And for a touch of awesome we hung a lamp we bought from IKEA for $25 not including the little pieces parts to hang it and the light bulb. Considering it's a pretty architectural and pleasing piece to look at, it was $25+ well spent. 

 As for the beds we went with IKEA Mydal bunk beds for $159. Considering these beds can take a whole lot of abuse and weight (including my own)... it doesn't get much better than that. The boys share the same bunk beds except theirs have been around for over 5 years and they're still standing strong. I've done my share of shopping around and comparing prices and I could never justify spending over $1,000 on children's furniture when there's an IKEA. It's damn near a crime if you ask me. Yes, a lot of their furniture can be a little "simple" and "plain" or a little on the "modern" side. But that's exactly why I like it. No dings and whistles. And I love the look and feel the wood on these bunk beds give the room. Plus, I get to bring it home the same day. After a few hours of decoding assembly instructions, struggling with the miniature tools provided and testing the relationship and communication skills between yourself and the person helping you build this thing... you've got yourself a nice, sturdy, to-the-point piece of furniture. Best of all, at a fraction of the price you normally would pay anywhere else. For those who know me, they know IKEA is my piece of heaven on earth. Need cups? IKEA. Need some design inspiration? IKEA. Moved out of your mommas? IKEA! Swedish meatballs? IKEA. Cure for the common cold? IKEA! 

Anywho. A $4 can of white spray paint and a table given to us by a friend along with a pink chair I found for $17 at (take a wild guess) serves as a desk for homework and art projects. And since I can't stand pieces of paper, stickers or posters taped to the wall, we hung magnetic boards & magnets for the girls to display their art work & boy band clippings "freely". A $6 on sale bird and peony wall art piece, a few other accessories and finishing touches and TA-DAAA!!!! FINITO!!! The girls are happy with their new space... Dad's just happy it's over... and I get to chillax a little before Halloween/Birthday/Thanksgiving/Christmas season in our household. 

Now that's a WHOLE other challenge... 

As for our project... Here is our finished product...

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