Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trash to Treasure Coffee Table

For the sake of saving myself a whole lot of headaches, I like to keep things simple. With the amount of traffic we have going through our house any given day, that means keeping furniture to the minimum and making sure that whatever graces our space serves multiple purposes.

Which leads me to the coffee table. Without it, I have one less surface to rearrange and wipe. One less piece of furniture to trip over, bang up your big toe, slide back into place or take up needed space. But now since our living room is free of playpens, walkers and ride-ons... I've been keeping an eye out for a low priced coffee table. Since kids tend to jack your stuff up- the cheaper it is, the lesser it'll hurt when they crack the corner during a wrestling match.

So we took a trip to Goodwill to see what treasures we could find. We came across an old wicker trunk. A little beat up on the inside but for $5, it had a whole lot of potential. It sure beat the $90 for a footstool with storage we were eyeing a couple nights before.

A few small nails for reinforcement, a $3 can of spray paint, and a few little decorative touches later... We have our coffee table! Big enough to serve it's purpose, sturdy enough to hold our feet up, small enough to allow plenty of traffic space, and it provides some much needed storage for extra throw pillows and winter throws when not in use.

I mean, for $8 total- What do ya'll think?!

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