Monday, August 4, 2014

Connecticut Summer Lovin'

Since my move to Connecticut in August 2011, it's safe to say I've spent the majority of my time wishing I was back in Florida. Between the long bouts of the winter blues each year, missing my family as well as clean roads full of perfectly landscaped lawns, thriving new neighborhoods and just all aroundlively atmosphere. (Can't forget to mention Florida's much less crazy & more courteous drivers.) Who could blame me?

But I would be lying if I said that Connecticut isn't growing on me. While the bustle of Orlando kept me busy and always looking for something to do... What I wished to find more of was quiet and tranquility. I needed it. Away from the crowds of tourists, heat, noise and traffic! I found myself more often than not, hiding inside in central AC and away from the thick humidity just outside my door.

It could just be that this summer so far has consisted of temps in the mid to low 80's with cool, breezy nights. Perfection. But this year, I think I've decided... I kinda like this place. While I'll always be a Floridian at heart, nothing beats driving 10 minutes away from home and walking along the shore line. I could let the little one run off and soak her feet and not worry that she'll be dragged away by monster waves and rip tides if I'm not there to hover over her. As the babe explained, Long Island blocks us from getting any real big waves. (Least I think that's what he said.) And while I missed the real sight and sound of massive FL waves and beaches- I was informed there's no great white sharks in this water so... it's a trade off I'm happy with. 

Our neck of the woods on the East end of Bridgeport is finally getting some attention. A beach was just reopened to the public, construction on a new pier is underway, and a lot of our roads and neighborhoods are undergoing a much needed face-lift. In the meantime, I love knowing that on any day, without preparation or planning, we can drive off and soak in an eye full of BEAUTIFUL not too far from home be it spring, summer, fall... err... and I'm HOPING this appreciation follows through into this winter. 

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