Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Baby is Two!

This past weekend was a special one. The little one officially crossed over from the somewhat in between baby/tot stage to full blown TODDLER. Which also means, when people now ask me her age I will no longer answer in months...

Kind stranger: Oh how adorable... How old is she???
Me: 22 months,18 days, 4 minutes & 56 seconds old.

Now it's simply: Two. Cause once they reach this magical age there's no need to specify how far into two they are. As far as everyone is concerned ANY kid at age 2 is in exactly the same stage as every other 2 year old they've encountered. Cause when you come across a two year old... you know it. That child at the mall rolling on the floor screaming bloody murder, kicking and flailing around wildly, noticeable traces of the bright red lollipop across his face [evidence of moms desperate attempt at bribery] as the sweetest looking of moms drags him off muttering death threats (not caring that she's in public)...

Ah, yes... he's two.

She reached this milestone complete with every symptom you would associate with the 'terrible twos' which includes the excessive use of her new fave word, 'NO!' Yet, I can't help being a little devastated at the thought that this is going to be my last go at the terrible twos. A few days prior to her birthday party, I drove around CT lost and sobbing at the realization. And it wasn't just any sobbing... it was like, that dramatic Spanish novela sobbing...

Coincidentally it was raining that day too.

For the record... she really isn't that 'terrible'. She's the second best two year old I've ever had. <3

And now to sharing Mayah's 2nd Birthday with ya'll!

As for my DIY projects:

I made these really cute tassels from pink, blue & yellow plastic table covers using this >>tutorial<< from Lilyshop...

And the idea for this adorable gumball necklace came from One Charming Party. You can find that tutorial >>here<<.

A birthday party as sweet as she is =] Get it? A candy theme cause you know...
She's SWEET! tee hee.

So. One down... 5 more birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas still to go! Wish us luck!

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