Monday, February 18, 2013

Red Lips and Take Out...

For the sake of keeping things interesting, I figured for our 3 year Anniversary I would try something different. I had the outfit and the heels and tonight... I was gonna going to put my big girl panties on and do something crazy... exciting... brave. After two months and hundreds of YouTube tutorials and equipped with my newly acquired knowledge on cool tones, warm tones, orange hues and purple something a rather... I had the science down packed. Tonight, I was tossing aside my usual sheer nude lip gloss for a bold and sexy, Red. Yes, I said it... Red lipstick. Some people might think I'm being overly dramatic here. But that's only because you haven't tried it yourself. Or you're just one of the blessed few that can whip out their super hot red lipstick in the middle of the street, slap it on without a mirror and it looks perfect. These are probably the same women that escaped pregnancy without a single stretch mark or piece of flab. The ones that actually came out looking sexier due to their wider hips and their ample post baby boobs and butt while the rest of us get to toss our GPS out the window due to the permanent road map crisscrossing it's way down our lower abdomens from the last 9 months.
Any who, back to subject. I've bared witness (and maybe even been a victim of) a red lipstick disaster. In your mind you picture a glossy, seductive, Victoria Secret model-like result to your efforts. But when gone wrong (and it often does)... you come out looking like you escaped the nearest circus. Red stuff smeared all over your teeth. You start questioning your dental hygiene and how soon you can get an appointment with your dentist for the newest and greatest whitening treatment. But, dammit! I was gonna get it right tonight!
Well, about an hour before our big date night, our babysitter bailed. Considering we can count the number of dates we've been on in the last year and a half on less than one hand, we were bummed.
I stood staring at my makeup bag mourning the loss of this opportunity. When else was I going to get the chance to pull this off? On a trip to the grocery store? The pediatricians office for baby's next set of vaccinations?
"Screw this!" I thought. I wasn't planning on seducing the steak on my plate with my red lips. I had my beefcake sitting right out in my living room and that's all the reason I needed. So, despite the change in plans, we made the best out of what was left of the night. After starting off our first year together in a long-distance relationship, if any couple could appreciate just being able to be together in the same room, it would be us.
We poured ourselves a glass of moscato. Ordered a gyro and a turkey club sandwich at 10pm at night. Sent the kids off to bed and hung out on our couch watching the nights episode of Walking Dead. For dessert: Fried dough covered in powdered sugar. Yup. Powdered sugar and red lipstick everywhere. But it looked pretty hot while it lasted.

How I achieved the perfect Red Lips:
First, I'll describe my skin tone as being an olive like tone. Being that it's winter and I'm in desperate need of a tan it was important to even out my skin tone with foundation and powder and such. Otherwise it would all be just "too much" going on in the face.
For olive skin I read we look best in reds that have an orange undertone. The lip liner I used was Covergirls lipperfection lipliner in Passion 215.
Because I have full lips and this was my first time attempting red lips I was afraid all you would notice on my face was a big red blotch. Instead of a lipstick, I went with a lip stain. I chose Revlons, Just Bitten Kissable in Romantic.
For that little extra shine I used a tiny dab of a shimmery makeup (shimmery eyeshadow or light bronzer will work too) and dabbed in onto the middle of my top and bottom lip for a fuller look.
Once I had a slight shimmer going I finished the look off by lightly dabbing on a bit of lip gloss. I used my Neutrogena, MoistureShine Lip Soother in Glisten. (Which is what I normally use for daily wear... gotta have the SPF!)
As for the steps:
1. Line the lips with your lip liner.
2. Fill in the lips with liner. (It makes the color last longer.)
3. Apply lip stain.
4. Dab on your shimmery powder then gloss or just a shimmery gloss in the middle of your lips.
5. Enjoy you sexy vixen, you!

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