Monday, November 24, 2014

"DIY" Giant Bow Headwrap

SO, if you're the mom of a little girl and spend nearly as much time scavenging Instagram for kiddy #OOTD's (Outfit Of The Day... took me a while to get that) more than you scroll through adult OOTD's (cause I can't seem to get over how much cuter a baby in a bow tie and suspenders is to an adult in the exact same outfit)- chances are you've come across the whole giant bow/headband-but-it-looks-more-like-a-head-wrap trend.

Now, I've looked and looked for these "headbands" and found plenty of them but I was looking for what looked more like a "head wrap" but SURELY no one can ACTUALLY get a baby or a toddler to sit still long enough to allow them to have their heads wrapped. I'm thinking there's gotta be an elastic somewhere that makes this little head dress an easy "slip on, slip off" sorta deal.

I was wrong.

These are literally just long pieces of fabric that you ACTUALLY wrap around your kids head and tie into a bow.

In other words... A scarf.

SO... I searched through YouTube and found a few tutorials but THIS one was my favorite since it got straight into the action with a lot less of the talking but she did enough talking to answer the questions I WOULD have had had she not spoke at all.

I picked up a scarf... called the little one over (lollipop hidden in my bra for bribery purposes... not that I resort to bribery often... or... too often... or... not anymore often than YOU do, maybe.) and I went to work.

It took LITERALLY 2 minutes! No need for the lollipop. No wrestling match. No headlock. Judging by the way she'd walk a few steps and POSE, the kid knew she looked adorable. I'm still reeling off the fact that I was able to get the look for FREE by bringing new life to stretched and somewhat mis-shapened scarves we've had hanging around the house that I couldn't quite get rid of.


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