Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"You threw off my groove!"

So last night the babe brought it to my attention that I haven't blogged in a while...

I miss your blogs.

Well... I miss my blog too. Like, A LOT!

As of Saturday January 4th @ approximately 8:32 PM eastern time, we sang Happy Birthday for the 6th and final time within a two and a half month span. For me this means... I'M BACK! Now, I know I said I would blog about all of the stuff I'd be doing throughout the last couple months and I shoulda had a ton of material to write about. But when I sat at my laptop to blog NOTHING came out. Cause when your head in swarming with thoughts of Christmases, birthdays, cakes, making everyone feel special and happy, wondering if we care TOO much about making everyone feel special and happy cause it's making you miserable, tired, crazy and MEAN after you convince yourself that you're NOT going to literally drop dead from stress, thinking of ways of saving money to spend money, and like, a GAZILLION other things... You sorta come across a mental block.

It reminds of that scene in the Emperor's New Groove. Me and my blogging are the Emperor Kuzco and his groove and the last couple months are the little old man that TOTALLY got in his way...

"You threw off my groove!"

So now that THAT'S all over, I can re-focus on things that mattered before the holidays threw off my groove... Like my blog. Or focusing on controlling my A.D.D. long enough to focus on my blog. Or...

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