Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Plus Size Bargain Hunt...

I decided to take up a piece of advice I heard on some pretty chicks vlog one night. It was one of her dieting secrets. And while YES I am TOTALLY excited about the plus size revolution going on, and I am completely a believer in accepting yourself as you are no matter what size you may be; I cannot deny that I still have a serious issue with food. Well... I don't want to use the word "issue"... I'll describe it more like a love affair... A very tormented love affair...

"Oh how I love you Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and the Pepsi that tastes oh, so delicious with it... Don't ever leave me..."

::My scale says I gained 3 pounds the next morning::

"Ugh!!! Damn you BREYERS MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM & PEPSI!!!!!!! $@%&!!!!

You get the picture.

Anyway.  The pretty chick suggested that when you're tempted to snack out of boredom... Choose to do something that makes you feel good instead. So despite the sticky summer heat outside, I forced myself into a bra and off to the mall I went with the little one. I'd be lying if I said going to the mall during the summer and rubbing elbows with young perky high school girls makes me feel pretty, but whatever. When all else fails, I have some great cleavage and that's pretty much the same thing.

First of all let me just say... Forever 21... I LOVE YOU! Yes, it's becoming a lot easier for us big girls to find stylish clothes... But once I find them it would be nice if I could actually afford to buy them. Thank you for recognizing that not all plus sized women want to be covered in bolts of unflattering cuts and shapes of fabric. Actually i can't think of one who does. Most of all, I appreciate not having to sell my right leg just so I can have a nicely dressed and accessorized left leg. So yeah. If it's style & quality without breaking the bank... I know where to look. And the jeans? $14 for a pair of good quality plus sized skinny jeans is unheard of. Just the right amount of stretch to squeeze into and hug all the right curves but still thick enough to support and shape in all the right areas. I'll be back for those.

What I did find was this shirt on sale for $9.99. It's a size or two big but I loved the pattern and the sheer, flowy material. It might be a little big to wear with jeans but it might be just right with a pair of tights and sandals... Or maybe tights and a cute pair of boots in the fall... OR better yet, the perfect beach cover up I've been searching for! What do you think?

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