Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cupcake? Yes, please...

As I mentioned before, I'm on what seems to be a never ending search to find my "calling". I mean, besides being a mom,of course. I've dabbled in everything from planning to go straight to beauty school only to end up in sales, to drawing tattoos, to playing with medicine, considering a career in interior design while dreaming of becoming an event planner, and now back to being a full-time mom again. For a moment I decided that maybe I should just accept that being a mom might just BE my calling. Sure, I can put together a vase of flowers. I know a thing or two about taking a nice picture, making a house a home... I can draw, I can write, I can organize, bake, sow... But maybe that just makes me a really great housewife. What more important job in the world is there? But, until the government decides that our hard work and dedication is worth getting a paycheck... I gotta do SOMETHING. I seriously miss the notion of making a profit in exchange for the time I put in to a job done. I miss the freedom of knowing you can buy that really cute outfit without having to prioritize it with having to pay your cable bill. Not to mention, actually have a REASON for the really cute outfit. I miss... Being "Out there." You know where. The land of alarm clocks and adult interaction. That world where you have deadlines and places to go and people to see. Lunch breaks. Reading materials and conversations that have nothing to do with poop color or itsy bitsy spiders that crawl up water spouts. On the other hand, I genuinely love being home. And if I were at work, I'd still be obsessed with poop color and I'd want to sing about how the sun dried up all the rain. I hate the thought that someone else would have to share these details with me because I wouldn't be there. In here. With my baby. So working outside the home isn't that SOMETHING for me. Although, I am aware that someday I won't be given the option to decide. As for now... I've been fortunate to be given the opportunity to stay home, watch my baby grow, be home to pick up the kiddos, be home for the sick days, appointments, and figure out what that SOMETHING will be. After getting a glimpse of life as a single mom and having been raised by one of the strongest women known to humanity myself, this is an opportunity that cannot and will not go wasted. I think, I've got it. Aside from an online baby boutique... (but let's focus on one thing here) I present you with... The cupcake. Something about the sight of a perfectly assembled, vanilla or chocolate baked confection with it's curly whipped topping and sprinkled with pretty colored candies can turn the hardest of men to a giddy little boy. I remember sitting in a gray dreary office and the moment a cupcake crosses anyone's sight, there's a party SOMEWHERE in the building and I'll be damned if I ain't there! And if I'm not, please for the love if God, save me a cupcake =] There's this saying, "Good things come in small packages." You might not have been aware... But they were talking about a cupcake. And POSSIBLY babies, I really don't know, but cupcakes are a perfect example! Personally, they're like a symbol of domesticity. (Is that even a word?) They prove my belief in that you don't need much to have it all. Just this once, you can have your cake AND eat it too! For now, I'm taking the time to put together some recipes, experiment, brush up on my cake decorating skills. Who knows? This might turn into something and I really hope it does. For as long as I could remember I've had this little obsession with these treats. So much so that during my tattoo drawing phase, I seriously considered a huge cupcake tattoo on my body for the world to see. During my internship as a pharmacy tech, the colors of some of the pills I counted were inspiration for a color of sprinkle I'd like to someday see sitting on top of beautiful smooth, white frosting. Years ago, I came across a cupcake bib and decided I wanted another baby girl in the near future... Anyways... Point is... I think it was meant to be. Why this never occurred to me before now? I'll never know. But enough talking... I got me some baking to do!

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