Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On breastfeeding in public...

Let me just start off by saying, i have nothing against bottle feeding. I'm not one of those die hard "Breast is Best" type of mothers that cringe at the sight of a woman putting a bottle in her babies mouth. I wanted to do both breast and bottle mostly because it DOES allow for more freedom. And besides, I was bottle fed and I turned out pretty danm ok if i do say so myself. (At least by most standards.) But personally, I still feel breast is best. My 2 oldest were the picture of infant health. Rarely a cold or ear infection in sight. They're at the top of their game in reading and comprehension. And like any mother would, I only want what's best for my little one. And it turns out, breastfeeding at the time is what works for both me and baby. Since breastfeeding is a huge part of my life and I pretty much manage my day around Mayahs feeding schedule... I decided to look up the subject on Twitter. It would be nice to meet other moms and their take and advice on the subject. I regretted it. "Why the fuck is some Mexican chic breastfeeding in the middle of the mall?!" (Do YOU eat your cheeseburgers in the same bathroom stall you and hundreds of other strangers pee in everyday?) "Breastfeeding women should hide those huge nipples!" (Jealous much? Here's some advice genius... Don't look.) Personally, I choose to nurse my baby privately. After almost 4 years of breastfeeding under my belt (I only had 2 kids before Mayah so you can do the math as to what their ages were when they stopped), lets just say, i rather keep my boobs for my own eyes. My favorite places to go accommodate to nursing mothers, (IKEA, the mall). I discovered the ability to track down every store in my area with the most spacious and comfortable family fitting rooms. I purposely keep my grocery runs short and sweet. With that said, it definitely occurred to me that for those breast-feeding mothers who let it all hang during baby's lunch time, it's just their way of giving the world the MIDDLE FINGER! Just a subtle way of telling those people who can't help staring in disgust to go shove it! Boobs are for babies. They're not just there for decoration, I can assure you. Noone says much of all the boys walking around with their entire boxer covered (thank God) butt hanging outta their skinny jeans or 12 year old girls with their crack showing over the top of their super low rise jeans. Well, I do. THAT's something to be disgusted with! One of the countless benefits of breastfeeding is that later in life, breastfed babies are linked to having a higher I.Q. I can guarantee, had more women chosen to breastfeed their babies back when these apparently misinformed and ignorant people were born... They'd think twice before saying something so stupid.

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